Scented Candles and Soaps

In the season of lights and giving, a family-run company in Oxford has holiday shoppers covered.

Four years ago, Jonathan Caudill ordered some supplies and began crafting candles as Christmas presents. Word spread, and requests for more candles led Caudill to start Cross Candle Company in 2016. The company makes soy wax candles with enticing scents like red currant, cedarwood and eucalyptus, and magnolia and oak.

Caudill said his fascination with candles began when he was a child.  

“I daydreamed of starting a candle company and even went as far as to create a catalog full of custom candles I designed,” Caudill said. “My prior interest in the craft was rekindled as soon as my gift supplies arrived. Although, I had no idea how much I would come to love the process or how well-received the candles would be.”

Caudill is a physician with a background in chemistry and biology. Candle-making allows him to apply creativity to his love of science. The process requires an understanding of the unique properties of soy wax, which melts at a relatively low temperature, as well as how the container, the fragrance, and the size and type of wick affect the candle flame. Caudill tests the candles to ensure they burn safely and evenly, creating just the right amount of melted wax while also releasing the scent effectively.

“It’s a rather lengthy and involved endeavor,” Caudill said. “I also spend a considerable amount of time considering and researching the scents. I tend to be drawn toward earthy and natural fragrances that are reminiscent of a walk through the woods.”
Caudill crafts the candles but attributes a lot of his success and happiness in the business to his wife, Ceresa, who helps out at seasonal shows and manages orders.

“The best part of the business is the joy of working together with my wife in this endeavor,” Caudill said. “Cross Candle Company would not exist without (her) continued encouragement.” 

Like her husband, Ceresa Caudill has also discovered a creative avocation: She has branched out into making scented soaps. Square Soap comes in two sizes and is available in orange, lemon-basil and rosemary-mint.

To soothe and pamper yourself or others, look for Cross Candle Company and Square Soap products at Oxford Floral, seasonal shows such as the Double Decker Arts Festival or at


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