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Capturing The Moments

Photographed by Paul Gandy and Danny Klimetz

Photographers Danny Klimetz and Paul Gandy started shooting together in 2016. Their different backgrounds but similar approaches complement each other brilliantly. Gandy comes from an artistic background where he explored the technical and conceptual aspects of photography and light, while Klimetz is a self-taught documentary photographer, who started out freelancing for newspapers and magazines as well as the Associated Press.

Their style is moment-driven, with focus on the moments that happen throughout a day. Some moments are loud, like a ring bearer not getting his nap in and throwing a fit just as the church doors open. Or there can be quiet moments, like when Dad sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. These are the moments — and the images — that stand the test of time and ultimately end up being a couple’s favorite from their wedding day.

The pair have covered hundreds of weddings together and travel with other photographers for bridal fashion shoots in stunning locations as well. Visit dannykphotography.com or paulgandy.net, or find them on Instagram @dannykphotography and @tpgandy to see their latest work and where in the world they may be tromping about.

Svala Johannsd wearing Galia Lahav | Iceland | Photo by Danny Klimetz
“(In addition to photographing weddings,) we also organize trips for professionals. A group of us will venture off to new places to learn and teach one another and grow as photographers. This image is from a session in Iceland I arranged to work on posing and finding interesting light.”

What’s great about our style and approach being similar is we no longer have to discuss what needs to be covered and by whom. We know what’s needed and what each other’s strong suits are. Often times, one of us will see something happening in the corner of an eye, rush over there to photograph it, and boom, the other one of us is already there. — Danny Klimetz

Rocio Serrano wearing Galia Lahav | Havana, Cuba | Photo by Danny Klimetz
“Cuba is such an amazing country. I beg everyone, if given the opportunity, to go. The people are some of the nicest I have ever met. If interested in a visit, reach out — I take a group over every year.”

Krishna + Kushan | Charlotte, North Carolina | Photo by Danny Klimetz

“We love all the song and dance you find during a traditional Indian wedding weekend. This was taken during the groom’s Baraat, which is his wedding procession. Kushan came in an old school lowrider!”

Prenya + Sam | Honolulu, Hawaii | Photo by Danny Klimetz

“We’re always excited to see what kind of chariot the groom will arrive at the ceremony in. Sam chose a horse, but we’ve also seen lowriders, old-school Jeepsters, an Excalibur, or just their buddies’ shoulders!”

Jesse + Stefan | Lake Como, Italy | Photo by Danny Klimetz
“We love the couple sessions on a wedding day. It’s a few minutes where we can get away from the hustle and bustle of putting on the event and actually allow the couple time to enjoy each other’s company.”

Virginia + Skip | Grimsey, Iceland | Photo by Danny Klimetz

“This wedding was so amazing. It was just me, Virginia, Skip and the priest. We hopped on a little prop plane, flew up to Grimsey, and they said their vows in the tiniest of churches. The other awesome thing: Grimsey is in the Arctic Circle, and their wedding was on the summer solstice, so the sun never set!”

Catherine + Marcus | New Orleans | Photo by Danny Klimetz

“We love the quiet moments. We’re always waiting for that point where our couples tend to forget about the camera and kind of sink in to each other. That’s pure gold.”

Lizzie + Denis | Washington D.C. | Photo by Paul Gandy

“The anticipation of the first look! The first look is always filled with genuine emotion and all we have to do is be there to document it.”

Jena + Kieran | Iceland | Photo by Paul Gandy

“January in Iceland is no joke. Telling the couple to cuddle up and focus on each other is one way to get some genuine smiles.”

Anne-Sophie + Emile | Bruges, Belgium | Photo by Paul Gandy

“It’s a great feeling when the couple trusts you and your artistic vision. Sometimes all you have to do is get them to forget about you and let you, as the photographer, create. Some ideas work and some don’t — it’s about playing and having fun.”

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