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I Am Oxford: Randy Weeks

Randy Weeks is a licensed professional therapist with a master’s degree in church music and sociology, and a flair for goth Western style. This month marks the third anniversary of his column in The Local Voice, View From the Balcony. We caught up with Weeks on said balcony, where he held forth on the virtues of conversation, inspiration and friendship.

Q: How did you set up shop here on the City Grocery balcony?

A: I started coming up here on a regular basis about five years ago and started meeting people. And it felt like home. So it didn’t take me that long to really be comfortable here. I live in an apartment and don’t have much outside time like I used to. So part of what the balcony has done for me is give me outside time. And great conversation.

Q: Have you made a lot of friends here?

A: Oh yeah. Dear, dear, close friends.

Q: What inspires your column?

A: Sometimes there’s a real specific thing that I want to write about that happens up here that we all watch together. Sometimes it’s just something I’m going through myself. I’ve had plenty of failings in my own life, so I try to come from the perspective of somebody who knows what it’s like to fall flat on your face in public and then have to pick yourself up.

Q: Sitting up here overlooking the Square, talking to people, making friends, has that informed your practice in any way?

A: Everybody you meet expands your experience of life and understanding. Probably the way it’s influenced my practice the most is just by allowing me to be more authentically myself. And that translates into everything. I don’t take myself too seriously. I’ve sat here on more than a few nights where I’ve had people sit here laughing their asses off, and the next person who sits here will end up crying. And it’s one of the ways I know what a lucky and blessed man I am. It’s a great privilege, and I don’t take it for granted at all.

Read the complete interview at invitationoxford.com/digital-details, and look for a collection of Weeks’ View From the Balcony columns published by The Local Voice and Vox Press later this year.

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