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Interview with Mike MacIntyre

Interviewed by Edward Brown

Photo by Ole Miss Athletics

Q: Why’d you decide to take the job here at Ole Miss?

A: I’ve been at Ole Miss before. My family and I loved it here when I was under Coach Cutcliffe. I know Matt. I’ve worked with Matt twice, and now I’m working with him a third time. I’m excited to work in the SEC and with this opportunity here. And the familiarity with Matt, Oxford and the University of Mississippi made it a good choice.

Q: How is working here different than some of your past jobs, like Colorado?

A: My past two jobs I was the head coach, and assistant coach is a little bit of a different role. There is not a lot of difference coaching in the coordinator spot because you’re still working with the guys and the defensive staff, which is all exciting. I’m excited about how these young men are really hungry to do well, and have bought into everything. The defensive staff has been great, and it’s all been great so far.

Q: What would you consider the style of defense that you will run?

A: Our style of defense will be a 3-4 defense to attack and bring people from different places on the field. I hope that we’re a powerful, physical, pursuing defense.

Q: Who are some guys you think will step up this year on the defense?

A: On defense, the seniors have been doing really well in spring practice and our summer conditioning program, so I’ve been very impressed with all of our seniors. Qaadir Sheppard is a guy that I think will step up as a senior. Inside, big Benito Jones is a guy that’s very athletic and good. Tisdale is another guy. Robinson has definitely done well. Momo Sanogo at linebacker. Myles Hartsfield at defensive back — I’m excited about him. Jalen Julius, we call him “J2,” has done really well. Those are just some guys who have all bought in hard.

Q: How do you feel the team will do overall this season, and how will they compete?

A: I think they’ll compete extremely well. They’re hungry, they want to prove to people they’re better than they have been. They’re very locked in, very focused. I think that they have that old cliche chip on their shoulder and want to prove something. So I think they’ll play extremely competitive and be improved.

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