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Some Enchanted Evening

Illustrated by Ellen Whitaker

It's June, and along with the scent of summer blooms and the sound of wedding bells, romance is in the air. Whether it's a first date, a milestone anniversary, or just a rare evening spent home alone together, Invitation Oxford readers share ways to make a romantic occasion even more memorable.

“I love to cook and bake (and eat), so my idea of a romantic date-night in is to put some music on, make a nice drink, and hang out and cook together. I am personally likely to cut foods like biscuits or cakes into heart shapes. I’m also definitely having dessert. There’s romance in sharing music to me, so a night in is a perfect time to sing or dance or play music that’s interesting or important. It’s a great way to listen to each other.” - Forrest Dillard

“In 1962, long before it became a ‘thing’ to have a clever proposal, my future husband and I had a movie date and he went to the concession stand and got a box of popcorn for me. He put my engagement ring in the box and then just waited for me to find it. Neither one of us remember the movie.” - Marge McCauley

“The most exciting date I ever went on was in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, and we went to Desoto Falls and climbed down the side of the falls. From there, we drove down to the Alabama (band) Museum. We finished it up with a little antique shopping." - Morgan Pennington

“Honestly I would like an evening in with a good meal and no TV. We can listen to music and to each other.” - Dean Ross

“My wife Heather sent me a friend request after seeing that we had a good mutual friend on Facebook. We had talked for about two weeks online when she asked me to sing at an event at her church. I did, and met her and her parents on the same night. I texted my best friend that night and said ‘I just met the girl I’m going to marry.’ A week later we started dating, about five months later we were engaged, and within 11 months of us first meeting we got married. We’ve been married for six and a half years now.” - Jon Gilley
“We celebrated our first anniversary with a weekend-long ‘stay-cation,’ and it was great. We stayed at the Chancellor’s House and requested the same room that we stayed in on our wedding night. On Friday night, we ate dinner at Lenora’s where we had our rehearsal dinner, and we brought our wedding cake to eat at the hotel. They knew we were celebrating, so they put candles and rose petals everywhere and sent us champagne!” - Melody Narmour
“We celebrate dinner by candlelight even if it’s pizza.” - Diane Trenthem

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